Handmade in Virginia, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

Each of our designs differ in both complexity and size of the given pieces, resulting in more or less board feet of wood and time.

It would be much easier for us to simply say a product is only available in X colors like most companies... but that's not what we're about!

All orders are primed and painted in a booth with a spray gun by yours truly. We mix up primarily black and white in bulk for most orders. We then have our house colors that are also done in bulk that cover most normal animal coloration. Last we have the custom colors and complete custom that are given extra special attention.

Each order is cut, engraved (if decided), assembled and painted to order. We might be able to amend your order should it not reach a given stage of the production process.

Each order is given a spot in line during the production process. We can cancel your order if we haven't started on it yet.

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